Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kicking Comedy Ideas around till they GIVE IN!

Now all he needed was a pen and some paper

Works under consideration: 0
Current Dominant Thought: Beep…Beep…Beep…
Ideas: 0.273

This post started with the one previous if you read that one the following may make sense…

COUNTDOWN TILL Every1Sarcastic Competition – 21 Days

Do you want limitless ideas?
It’s easy
You may have your own way of creating them. There are hundreds of people writing about creativity, most of them are not worth the absorbency of the paper…

Here are a few starting points. If you want to write and never run out of ideas build your own armoury of these weapons/tools. They don’t all work all the time – that’s why you need to build up the armoury, Here are some that work for me.

De Bono
Any of his books are a good starting point. Look out for list making ideas using plus, minus, Interesting as your headings.

What if?
The most powerful tool on the planet. What if George Bush was held hostage by Girl Scouts? Just ask yourself What if? (Doesn’t’ always work for me if I do it consciously).

Stepping into the shower
Esoteric but it works for me often (see below for Commanding…) Driving is good as well.

Commanding the Unconscious
Also known as ‘going for a walk’ The idea is you think around what you want to write about and then dismiss it all to the unconscious and get on with your life or go for a walk. The idea will pop into the conscious unexpectedly. Works often for me.

I have various Play Lists for writing to. Currently I’m listening to a list I’ve called ‘Writer’s Dream’ It’s music with energy and a slight lickinglust ie From Gossip Standing in the Way of Control, through Green Day mashed by Dean Grey’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams,’ to Okkervil River’s Life is not a Movie or Maybe.’

The 95%er – Numbered List
How many ideas do you want? Three, four, seven? How about twenty-five? Fifty? Well do you want to be a creative or not?
Get some paper.
Get a pen.
Write the numbers 1 – 25.
Write your first idea next to 1 and continue.

Did I hear you squeak?

Yes you can do it.


Because you’re a creative. What’s going to happen?
Well Ideas 1- 3 will be the ones you’ve had at the front of your mind.
Ideas 4 – 10 are often a struggle but worth pushing through.
10 – 15 will be silly, unusable, push on…
Between 15 and 25 the magic will start to appear (and quite often complete Nobby-sense. Not every time, but the more you do it, the more confident you become. It’s fun, it’s magic, it’s why you write. The 5% of the time it doesn’t work for me I use the rest of my armoury.

The best bit?
The more you do it the less often you have to fall back on the armoury as you’ll start to programme yourself to have the idea you want when you want it.

Where’s me paper...

- END –

For Lists, Bill Hicks Lives on, and Gordon Brown stops saying ‘Darling!’

Random Band Mix
Green Day v An Electropop Combo’
Green Hot Day Chip

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At 2:52 pm, Blogger Les Becker said...

This does work. Problem for me is finding the list(s) later. And whether or not I was drunk and/or sleeping when I wrote it. I can barely read my sober handwriting.

At 7:38 pm, Blogger JimKin said...

I too have had this problem of 'Lists Lost in Time.' I now employ a special 'Hunting Child.'

!'m a good finder...

Yes you are. While you're out finding could you see if you can pick up some money, an HD TV, and a nice Zinfandel...

- END -


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