Saturday, May 24, 2008

100 Comedy George W Bushes Chest Complaints

The Chest Complaint looked pale

Works under consideration: 0
Current Dominant Thought: My lungs are made of wood.

I’ve been away. First studying for a Internet-Thing Exam. Second because I fell foul of a serious chest complaint.

I told you I was ill!*

I’ve just noted that I have sent out exactly 100 pieces of work for consideration since the start of 2007 and the result is exactly ‘0.’**

Still I’ve got my health, most of my hair,*** and a few good teeth for chewing on comedy producers.

And a noxious cough! You idiot!

I told you I’m only going to smoke incense sticks from now on. No more tar, just a sense of harmony.

Next on the list is writing a 15 min Sit Com for a competition: Every1sacritic and resurrecting the idea of my own Comedy Company to do live stuff and film for Youtube, Comedybox etc.

Writing a Sitcom
I’ve written three sitcoms and done nothing with them. Now it’s time to get my work in front of Big Bad Comedy Producers, MAKE MILLIONS and endure the long-term-admiration-of-comedy-fans, erm.

Tune in next time
When I interrogate George W Bush using only a water-board, a Bedouin, and a picture of dead children.

Random Band Mix
The Beach Boys v Wu-Tang Clan

Their first album:
Enter The Beach Tang Clan - Hip-Hop Surfers

*A line also used on Spike Milligan’s Grave Stone
** ‘Many of Life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.’
- Thomas Edison
*** I lied about the hair


At 12:21 pm, Anonymous john g said...

Interesting x-ray, he would have a bigger shock if they x-rayed his head, they'd only find sawdust!!

At 7:22 am, Blogger Les Becker said...

Ouch - my feed reader must be a-busted, cuz I missed the post before this (I should have it x-rayed, maybe).

Seriously, are you okay...? "Noxious cough" sounds worrisome.

At 6:16 pm, Blogger JimKin said...

I'm only just recovered from a 'Chest Infection.' The Doc said I was OK but had to rest totally for six weeks. Gradually getting up to speed and resuming the blog. Good to hear from you! I've been reading your blog though to keep me sane!!!

Toot! Toot!


At 11:10 pm, Blogger Les Becker said...

MY blog is keeping you SANE!?

Where have I failed??

At 7:43 am, Blogger JimKin said...

Did I say sane?

I meant amused-by-the-fact-there-are-other-who-keep-the-flame-of-the-daft-judder-burning...


At 10:44 pm, Blogger Les Becker said...

Damn. Where's my matches?


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