Thursday, January 15, 2009

Water-boarding made easy...Now that's Comedy Writing

Did we go too far? George! George!


A big thank you to Gary for sending his stand up ideas for me to laugh at and marvel, yes MARVEL! What was I marvelling? The wondrous bad taste, the use of a sodastream and the possibilities of getting synchronized swimming into the Winter Olympics - "Now over to the Olympic Stadium for synchronized Swimming...under ice."

I've been away working on the master plan to take over the internet using words, string, and a false trail of buttered MEPs.

Also a big thank you to Mike D Millar for asking my opinion on his writing (it's good by the way. Check him out).

An erm.. and a thank you to the nice comment on my entry (is entry the right word) to '...Shitegeist.' Stevie from the TV

And a thank you to Russell for his patience. I still have to read his latest sitcom episode ( I need to make time, crumpets, and space for myself and an extra large cat).

Normal Service has been RESUMED.

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